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As a avid collector of 1940s medical equipment, home front items, clothing and Ephemera, I  can bring an instant period look to your production.  And if you want, I can even bring 'Ruby', my a 1936 Austin 7.


There is an extensive array of medical tools and equipment such as originall WW2 stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, chairs and table, crutches  - far too many itmes to list individually!





Please note, however, I am unable to do this free of charge, I will at least expect to have travelling expenses paid for  (accommodation and meals where applicable).


You will of course be saving on costume and prop hire.

Please contact me with for more information or any specific requirements; I will be pleased to assist where I can.


I am sorry; I cannot afford to help out with student productions with zero budgets.


What I do not do is fancy dress. Every effort is made to ensure that my clothing and display items are wherever possible, genuine and authentic from the period.


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