Although it is not possible to setup the tented display inside schools, I am able to setup a very similar display using hospital medical screens (as used in ‘Call the Midwife’ TV series), this helps create the medical environment for young people to experience life during the 1940’s.


I have over twenty years experience of working with children of all ages and abilities , I am CRB checked and fully covered with 'public liabilities insurance' for schools, events and WW2 reenactment.

They can see and hear how a portable gramophone worked, the music ‘Ipod’ of the period, playing original records of the day. They can act as an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) & Civil Defence Warden, warning everyone of a pending gas attacks by sounding a wooden rattle, then give the ‘all clear’ by ringing the bell.


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Young people can learn how to make an arm sling the old fashioned way, feel the weight of original WW1 & WW2 stretchers as used in the field and home front. They can make stretchers using supplied materials, try on a metal ‘Tommy’ helmet and look at a variety of original gas masks that were used for babies, children and adults.